Partner Earning Program

The YoFan partner program is aimed at establishing a closer relationship with trusted creators, and provide them the tools to build sustainable businesses. On this page you can learn more about:

  • Additional features
  • Earnings program

Additional features

In order to protect users from spam and misuse, certain features are only available to trusted creators, participating in the YoFan partner program. These features include:

  • Ability to publish links leading users away from YoFan
  • Ability to earn from publishing content on YoFan (e.g. via ads revenue share)
  • Additional customizations of profile pages
  • Early access to beta features

Earnings program

YoFan comes with ads built in as the primary mechanism for earning from publishing content. Our ads system is powered by Google AdSense, and as a creator, you will sign up to AdSense directly and be paid by Google. The amount you’re paid depends on the views and engagement on your content.

The sign-up process is as follows:

  • If you have an AdSense account, add your profile page in the Sites tab in AdSense (e.g.
  • AdSense will provide you with your publisher ID. Visit the YoFan settings page to add your AdSense publisher ID
  • Once connected, AdSense will need some time to review your profile. It usually takes less than 24 hours for your AdSense account to start showing activity as a result of your views and engagement on YoFan

Once connected, you can review your earnings performance in AdSense.